Monday, January 7, 2013

Clean Your Path

Note: This is a Windows tip!

Each time you install new software, especially nerdy, developer stuff, it tends to add itself to your system PATH. For single .exe programs (e.g. curl or git) I find this wasteful so I've devised a cunning plan. Let's say you install curl.exe in C:\some\folder\curl

  1. Remove the folder from your system path
  2. Create a curl.cmd text file in C:\windows\system32
  3. Edit this text file and add the following: C:\some\folder\curl\curl.exe %*
Now, open a DOS window and run curl - it works! How?

  • %* passes all parameters on to curl.exe
  • C:\windows\system32 is always on your system path
I recommend doing this for all your favorite command line programs and even your favorite editor. My new favorite is Scripted!

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