Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crafty Tennis: A Component-Entity Game in JavaScript

Been dreaming of making a game for some time now and have been very interested in Component-Entity Systems which are a great way of keeping complexity down in a game.

I won't go through all the details here but suffice it to say you can keep complexity linear by either  adding new entities to your game (more "things" in the game) or by adding new components (more "functionality"). You then simply tell each new entity you add which components it has.

// Player Left (with AI)
Crafty.sprite(32, "img/", {
  padleft: [0, 0]
Crafty.e("Paddle, 2D, DOM, Color, Multiway, Bound, AI, padleft, SpriteAnimation")
.attr({ x: 20, y: H/2, w: 32, h: 32, player: 1 })
.bound({minX: 0, minY: 0, maxX: W/2, maxY: H})
.multiway(4, { W: -90, S: 90, D: 0, A: 180 })
.bind('NewDirection', runner)
.animate('run', 0, 0, 5) // From x=0, y=0 to x=5 (6 frames)

Check it out on GitGub (cawoodm/tennis) or download it - it's actually quite fun to play!

Of course all this development was made possible by the excellent (and free) in-browser editor called Scripted - it's a poor man's Sublime Text.

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